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Cluster Lights
Cluster lighting makes it so easy for you to deliver an engaging lighting source to any location that needs more than just a single light. Cluster lampshades allow for multi-direction and multi-shape Read More...
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Beach Shack Feel Cluster Light

Presenting a natural touch while reflecting a great beach holiday mood, this cluster light is sure to uplift the room and give it a comforting feel. Shaped to reflect the natural movement of vines, this lamp gives an illusion of freer space and larger light coverage. A free wheeling bohemian character graces its design. Product Dimensions: D400 x H220 (mm)..

Bell Shaped Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

If you are in the market for modern accent lighting for your space, this is the right choice for you. Four colourful frosted glass shades in the shape of church bells mounted on a steel frame with bold black and chrome finish provide not only light where you need it, but a functional masterpiece as well. Product Dimensions: L440 x W340 x H220 (mm)..

Chrome Armed Five Shade Cluster Light

With its simple clean curves and polished chrome finish, this modern five light cluster pendant will add a touch of smart artistic style to any interior setting. The multiple dome-shaped pendants give a classic yet contemporary look, whilst the light-refracting properties of this trendy glass pendant light fixture will bring chic luxury to any minimalist design scheme. Product Dimensions: D530 x H800 (mm); Fixed height..

Circular Hemp Ropes and Iron Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

With a quirky industrial look and a nod to vintage salvage chic, this eye-catching cluster pendant light fitting has a raw, unfinished style making it suitable for any nautical, coastal, heritage or warehouse-inspired interior scheme. Featuring an iron pendant with knotted hemp rope design, this contemporary ceiling light utilises natural materials for a trendy reclaimed appearance. Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 300 mm..

Eight Glass Lampshade Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

If a magnificent ceiling cluster light is the lighting arrangement you are looking for, this is a top notch fixture choice. With three decorative orbs made of durable chrome plated steel that lead down to frosted glass and crystal lights this cluster pendant lamp will bring the spark back into your romance. Enjoy the remarkable brightness that these eight light sources will bring into your room creating an amazing look! Product Dimensions: D700 x H750 (mm); frame height - 350 mm..

Evergreen Hurricanes Industrial Cluster Light with Bulbs

If you are looking for the perfect light to go back to the olden days and get your room a vintage appearance, then this cluster light is exactly what you need. Its beautifully crafted iron arm opens in five thin arms, all of which hold a lamp inspired by the most popular vintage hurricane lamps of the olden days bringing back those evergreen memories. Grab this to give your room an innovative retro feel! Product Dimensions: D700 x H1350 adjustable (mm); hurricane lamp height- 600 mm..

Fan Like Cluster Light with LED Filament bulbs

Enhance the modern look of your interior with this industrial chic cluster light, which is guaranteed to put a unique finishing touch on your home decor or commercial space. Constructed out of iron, the cluster light has a matte black finish for an Old World wrought iron-style look. At the bottom of the pendant light six exposed pear shaped bulbs are positioned and jut out in all directions to provide 360 degrees of illumination. In keeping with the minimalist mod aesthetic, the light features a..

Five Spiral Lampshade Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

If you are planning to utilise your ceiling light to make your room more elegant and appealing, then this cluster light is the perfect choice for you. It features a splendid design that will make everyone admire its beauty. The chromed arms hold the light bulbs on the circle of this cluster light. The light bulbs are enclosed by a lampshade that features a trendy spiral pattern. At the end of each light bulb, this chandelier is embellished with a crystal ball emphasising the grand appeal of this..

Hemp Rope Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Grab a book and snuggle up under the glow of this unique industrial styled pendant light! Simply adjust the knot or add additional knots to customize and adjust the length and style of this hemp rope cluster light fixture. The simplicity and neutral colour ensure that this trendy ceiling light will fit any decor from nautical or beachy to country western and everything in between! Product Dimensions: D35 x H1000 adjustable (mm) - 2.5 m long rope..

Hemp Rope Ring Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament bulbs

Looking for the perfect lighting fixture for your home? Our iron cluster pendant light may be just what you need. With a look that is fun and trendy, this light can be used in many rooms in your home and can even be used in in businesses to create a new atmosphere. Product Dimensions: D650 x H1100 adjustable (mm); bottom height - 540 mm..

Inverted Beverage Glass Cluster Light

Dine and wine under the basking glory of our glass chandelier. Innovatively designed to sport a look of inverted beverage glass, it is going to add class and elegance to the décor of your home and enhance its aesthetic value. Product Dimensions: D530 x H330 (mm)..

Iron Framed Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

If you prefer a functional look over a fancy and decorative one, then you are going to like our cluster light steel chandelier for sure. Elegantly designed in the shape of square frames, it has traditional bulb holders attached to it. Steel with black finish gives a classic charm and style to this decorative lighting fixture. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 420 mm..

Octa Grande Cluster Light with In-built LED

This funky yet elegant light truly brings sophistication to the room. For people who are looking to add a tinge of class with unconventional style, octa Grande is a good choice. Inspired by the marine life creature octopus, its unique design makes it an illuminated delight. The arms of the octopus featuring in-built LED make a style statement and this light is truly a trend setter. Product Dimensions: D580 x H600 (mm); arm height - 350 mm..

Reflecting Glass Cluster Pendant Light with In-built LED

Add some beauty and radiance to your home with our modern cluster light. Made of steel with chrome finish, it will give your home a contemporary and modern look. Add a radiant shine to your home with this visually admirable design that comes with energy efficient in-built LED light sources. Product Dimensions: D520 x H600 (mm)..

Six Adjustable Glass Lampshade Cluster Light

Illuminate your space in every direction and in the utmost of style with this sleek, modern cluster light. Frosted swirls add style to the look of each globe, making the light fixture more attractive even when not lit. The light fixture's adjustable wave frame shines light in six different directions to provide plenty of illumination wherever you decide to position each of the glass lampshades. Product Dimensions: L850 x W300 x H400 (mm)..

Six Tinted Glass Shades Row Pendant with LED Bulbs

The modern polished style of this chic row pendant light fixture will add a sleek touch to your decor. The multiple on-trend globe pendants with a glossy finish are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, providing a stylish and striking focal point in an otherwise neutral room. Product Dimensions: L600 x W280 x H800 adjustable (mm)..

Sputnik Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Our Sputnik retractable light is out of this world! Available in black, this 12 bulb pendant light will brighten up your space, spark conversation, and receive many compliments thanks to its unique, spider style legs. Industrial and modern in style, this iron Sputnik lamp matches any décor! Product Dimensions: D800 x H1000 adjustable (mm); frame height - 400 mm..

Yoga Cat Stretch Inspired Cluster Light with Bulbs

This light fixture brings to mind the look of a cat stretch pose with its sleek chromed branches extending in five different directions. At the end of each branch is a stunning wire woven glass shade with a textured finish that contrasts beautifully with the smooth look of the metal. Perfect choice for pet lovers or yoga/exercise enthusiasts! Product Dimensions: L350 x W300 x H450 (mm)..

Zen Light of Circles Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

Tea light candles are quite the craze. This cluster light takes the minimalist, Zen design of traditional tea light candle holders and turns it into a modern day light fixture. With three super stylish chrome finished circles that hold each of its elements up, the entire unit has a corporate designer feel to it. What sets it apart is its clean lines and extensive use of closed circles to create a compact yet uncluttered design. Product Dimensions: D500 x H800 adjustable (mm); shade height - 20..