Designer Lights For Entrance

The entrance of your house is by far the most important part of your home; it is the best place to create an impression among guests as they see the first upon entering the front door. If you don’t have proper lighting in your entrance area then not Read More...
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Acrylic Twelve Panel Light with In-built LED and Brightness and Colour Temperature Adjustment through Remote Control

Flower power takes on a whole new meaning with our trendy Flower Power acrylic close-to-ceiling light! This modern fixture features a tiered design of six triangular "petals", repeated with six smaller triangles on the second tier. Finished in a matte frosted acrylic, this lovely floral fixture will add a lovely glow to any space. Product Dimensions: D840 x H150 (mm)..

Attractive Red Geometric Patterned Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

This cluster pendant light offers a very trendy and colourful lighting option for a modern interior setting. Made from steel with an attractive red finish and sure to complement many styles of décor, this pendant light adds a charming and fun look for a chic home decor.Product Dimensions: D350 x H1200 adjustable (mm); Shade height - 420 mm..

Butterfly Crystal Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Decorate your home with this cluster pendant light chandelier and enjoy the look of this crystal piece hanging from your ceiling. Shaped in the form of butterfly and fitted with tiny bulbs, this chandelier will display gorgeous polishing effect to impart a dreamlike atmosphere. It is attached to the ceiling with the help of a steel fixture with chrome finish and suspended with a thin cord. Get your room shine and sparkle with this dazzling pendant. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1200 adjustable (m..

Canopy Shaped Crystal Hanging Light with In-built LED

Our ultra-modern crystal and chrome hanging light features four in-built LED light sources that create a dazzling light in any space. The large white aluminium canopy includes 10 small canopies with in-built LED hung from different drop lengths, bringing a bit of modern flair into your home. Each canopy is connected to a set of sparkling crystals all hanging from the main canopy above. With in-built LED panels radiating bright light, you will set the trend among friends with this aesthetically ..

Cascading Crystal Droplet Waterfall Hanging Light

Featuring a dazzling array of multi-faceted crystals and a shimmering cascading waterfall design, this stunning tiered crystal droplet hanging light will add a dramatic flourish to any classical or contemporary scheme. With its geometric shape and art deco styling, this exquisite waterfall pattern will bring an air of decadent glamour to your interior setting. Product Dimensions: L350 x W350 x H700 (mm)..

Chrome Armed Five Shade Cluster Light

With its simple clean curves and polished chrome finish, this modern five light cluster pendant will add a touch of smart artistic style to any interior setting. The multiple dome-shaped pendants give a classic yet contemporary look, whilst the light-refracting properties of this trendy glass pendant light fixture will bring chic luxury to any minimalist design scheme. Product Dimensions: D530 x H800 (mm); Fixed height..

Classical Crystal Gold Chandelier

This arresting crystal chandelier will become the focal point in any classical or baroque interior setting. The multiple globe-shaped droplets of this ornate tiered waterfall chandelier create a dazzling effect, whilst the luxe gold finish gives it a touch of sophisticated old-school Hollywood glamour. The timeless appeal of this radiant beaded pendant light fitting affords you an enchantingly grandiose statement piece, adding light and lustre to your decor scheme. Product Dimensions: D360 x H8..

Classical Crystal Gold Chandelier with LED Bulbs

This beautiful classical crystal chandelier will give your home a classic look that will never go out of style. Made of crystal and metal with a gold finish, it will brighten any room in which you hang it. The unique shape of this chandelier gives it an elegant look that is sure to impress. Your home will instantly have a touch of elegance that everyone will love! Product Dimensions: D440 x H1000 (mm); frame height - 540 mm..

Concentric Crystal Rings Hanging Light with In-built LED

Are you ready to bring more brilliancy into your home? Then this beautiful hanging pendant light is exactly what you need. The concentric rings made of crystal and steel with chrome finish will give your home a shiny and modern look. Add a radiant shine to your home with our visually admirable design that comes with energy efficient in-built LED lights. Product Dimensions: D400 x H900 adjustable (mm); height of three rings - 500 mm..

Crystal and Bead Filled Close-to-ceiling Light

Featuring a dazzling array of multi-faceted crystals, this stunning close-to-ceiling light fitting offers a practical yet glamorous lighting solution. The classic circular design makes for an elegant light, with an emphasis on dramatic luxury. The spectacular crystal and chrome details enhance the light-refracting properties of this attractive semi-flush ceiling light fixture, giving the traditional style a chic modern twist. Product Dimensions: D400 x H200 (mm)..

Crystal and Glass Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built LED and Remote

Add elegance and glamour to your home with this simply stunning crystal ceiling light. With a base of chrome finished steel, this marvellous close-to-ceiling fixture features several crystal hangings to refract light and create stunning lighting effects. Product Dimensions: D500 x H250 (mm)..

Crystal and Glass Floral Ceiling Light with In-built LED, Remote and Bulbs

Create the perfect cozy atmosphere with this whimsical crystal and glass floral ceiling light! This eccentric close to ceiling light utilizes seven bulbs in combination with LEDs that work together to create a soft, romantic glow. This beautiful fixture features a lovely floral design composed of seven glass flower-shaped shades, chrome branches and leaves accented with crystals. Product Dimensions: D760 x H160 (mm)..

Crystal and Glass Petals Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built LED

You can easily enhance the appeal of your home, choosing the perfect light for your place. So if sophistication and elegance is what you are looking for to achieve a nice ambiance in your place, then this light is exactly what you need. Its LED is adorned by splendid designed crystal and glass pieces, which are displayed in an impressive way, to create an amazing model. Its dispersed light is amplified by the crystal balls that embellish this lamp. Beautiful and stylish, this light fixture is a..

Crystal Planets in Universe Hanging Light Chandelier

This sophisticated, modern and elegant hanging light is beautifully crafted to attract attention with its innovative design. Featuring nine bright light sources, it will spread abundant light in the vicinity, offering a spectacular view. Very slim steel ropes hang from the light, which are adorned with tiny crystal pieces offering a sublime appearance. At their ends, these ropes are embellished with large rounded tiers of crystals that form three large balls, surrounded by an oval of crystals. ..

Decorative Glass Ceiling Light with In-built LED, Remote and Bulbs

Add the elegance of a crystal chandelier to your space with a piece that hugs the ceiling and provides ample soft LED lighting. Modern and chic, the ceiling light features curvaceous iron arms with a highly polished silver finish that spiral to create a symmetrical, perfectly balanced circular shape overhead. Each arm bears an ornate glass rosette shade that directs the LED lighting downward and glows in gorgeous colours when the light inside is illuminated. Strings of crystals dangle from each ..

Eight Glass Lampshade Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

If a magnificent ceiling cluster light is the lighting arrangement you are looking for, this is a top notch fixture choice. With three decorative orbs made of durable chrome plated steel that lead down to frosted glass and crystal lights this cluster pendant lamp will bring the spark back into your romance. Enjoy the remarkable brightness that these eight light sources will bring into your room creating an amazing look! Product Dimensions: D700 x H750 (mm); frame height - 350 mm..

Five Spiral Lampshade Cluster Light with LED Bulbs

If you are planning to utilise your ceiling light to make your room more elegant and appealing, then this cluster light is the perfect choice for you. It features a splendid design that will make everyone admire its beauty. The chromed arms hold the light bulbs on the circle of this cluster light. The light bulbs are enclosed by a lampshade that features a trendy spiral pattern. At the end of each light bulb, this chandelier is embellished with a crystal ball emphasising the grand appeal of this..

Flowery Crystal and Glass Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built Multi-colour LED

With its classical styling and ornate glass detail, this elegant close-to-ceiling light fitting makes for a refined addition to a traditional, floral or baroque scheme. The intricate patterning on this tasteful crystal light fixture gives it a subtle touch of glamour, whilst the practical circular semi-flush design has a timelessly alluring quality. Product Dimensions: D600 x H280 (mm)..

Flowery Curved Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built LED and Remote Control

What a massive light fixture this is! Featuring two large concentric flower shapes of different dimensions with artistic curves, this is one of the most elegant lights that you would love to have in your home. The flowers are adorned with little crystal balls that are added to this light’s design, bringing more brilliance. With its aesthetically beautiful design, it will surely attract everyone’s attention. With in-built LED panels radiating bright light, you will set the trend among friends w..

Flowery Petals Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built LED and Remote Control

Taking classical design and adding a modern twist, this semi-flush LED close-to-ceiling light will make a striking focal point in a luxurious or floral interior scheme. With its circular shape, multi-faceted crystal petal detail and chrome finish, this ceiling light fitting is stylish and tasteful, whilst bringing contemporary brilliance into any space. With in-built LED panels radiating bright light, you will set the trend among friends with this aesthetically charming and innovative close-to-..