Large Pendant Lightings

Large Pendant Lights
Pendant lights are a fun, funky, stylish way to add style and illumination, to whatever space you need it in. Large pendant lights allow you to add a touch of style without needing to purchase as many lights as you have customers; Read More...
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Acrylic Rings Large Pendant Light with In-built LED

Bring a mystical note to your home, with this impressive large pendant. It consists of two rings that are tied together in a way that creates the impression of movement. Arrange the rings however you like! You could have them in a criss-cross pattern or as concentric circles or create your own unique design! This pendant will bring fantastic light to the space, enhancing the ambiance with cool light from energy efficient in-built LEDs. Product Dimensions: D580 x H1000 adjustable (mm)..

Aircraft Kids Pendant Light / Children's Ceiling Light

Blast off to fun with this unique lamp for children's rooms! Guaranteed to enliven young imaginations, this whimsical light fixture provides all the illumination of a high-quality ceiling lamp but is made to look like an aircraft toy. The light is crafted out of metal and glass and features cheerful colors of blue, yellow and red. When switched on, the aircraft’s nose and two small engines light up brightly, making it glow. Adorable when hang, the ceiling light adds fun to spaces while providing..

Black Glass Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

You can now add a personal touch to your space, with this spectacular black light, which is ready to bring its original design and splendid appearance to your home or office. Featuring an interesting shape, this pendant light is going to attract all the views on it. Graceful to the black metal and glass coating, this large pendant is going to become an elegant addition to your space. The light that spreads through this metal light creates a sublime ambiance, filling the room with a romantic and ..

Funky Globe in a Glass Sphere Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Less is more with this contemporary styled mini pendant ceiling light. Featuring a metal base finished in shiny chrome detail, this clear glass globe pendant is sure to light up your world! This simple single bulb fixture looks great on its own or hung in multiples to create a unique and modern look throughout your home.Product Dimensions: D250 x H650 mm; Sphere diameter - 330 mm..

Geometric Pattern Large Pendant Light with In-built LED

Create an ambience in your dining room and captivate the interest of your guests with this large pendant light chandelier. Triangular shaped geometric designs are cut into the bowl to give it a sophisticated and classy look. It is suspended from ceiling using metallic cords. The acrylic bowl shaped unit comes with in-built LEDs that are energy efficient in addition to creating a trendy look! Product Dimensions: D400 x H1200 adjustable (mm); shade height - 250 mm..

Honeycomb Patterned Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Featuring a large bowl that encloses the light globe, this large pendant features geometric cuts that create a wonderful honeycomb appearance and allow light to spread into the entire room. Thanks to its geometric pattern and state-of-the-art design, this lamp is an excellent choice for any modern home. Add a tinge of elegance and trend to your room with this large pendant light.Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 adjustable (mm); Shade height - 320 mm..

Industrial Copper Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

The high-shine copper and glass finish of this contemporary oversized pendant light will add a chic luxe element to an organic industrial or coastal scheme. Taking its cue from vintage salvage style and enhancing it with modern detail, this copper dome pendant ceiling light has a look reminiscent of a sailor's lantern, making it suitable for any nautical or warehouse-inspired interior setting. Product Dimensions: D230 x H1400 adjustable (mm); shade height - 200 mm..

Industrial Pulley Large Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Unique and chic, this pendant light will illuminate your space like a well-oiled machine. Inspired by the look of factory equipment from days gone by, this trendy industrial light fixture never fails to catch the eye but has a rustic look that works perfectly in contemporary spaces. Light is provided by three exposed filament bulbs placed under a iron dome shade with black finish. The shade is suspended by an elaborate system that includes two pulleys accented by large iron ball weights. A true ..

Large Flower Vase Pendant Light with LED Bulb

This unique large pendant light fixture will add a striking effect to either a classic or contemporary theme. With rope, fabric and quirky beaded detail, this pendant light will make an attractive centrepiece in a traditional design setting or enhance a modern minimalist scheme. Product Dimensions: D300 x H1100 adjustable (mm); shade height- 500 mm..

Nautical Sail Ship Kids Ceiling Light / Children's Pendant

Sail away on an ocean of dreams with this nautical inspired light. The white ship with blue sails floats above a room, inspiring imaginations of pirate ships and sailing the seven seas. A white dome forms the base of the ship. The ship’s mast has blue sails and the base for three light bulbs. This is a perfect addition for nautical, pirate or ocean themed rooms. Product Dimensions: L600 x W450 x H1000 adjustable (mm); Ship height - 500 mm..

Oversized Glass Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Striking, glossy and contemporary, this oversized pendant light fitting features a large glass dome and minimalist styling. With its voguish artistic look and clean curves, this globe pendant light has all the hallmarks of the futuristic geometric trend, ensuring it will be a stand-out accessory in your modern interior scheme. Product Dimensions: D200 x H1300 adjustable (mm); shade height- 260 mm..

Red Beehive Pattern Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

A fantastically modern piece, this has a jazzy bee hive effect going for it. Open and uncluttered, this mini pendant light brightens up the surroundings immediately. Shaped as an oval, it gives a sense of abstract completion in terms of its structure with the holes creating circular patterns when you switch on the lamp. Product Dimensions: L200 x W200 x H1200 adjustable (mm); lampshade height- 400 mm..

Shiny Large Globe Pendant Light with In-built LED

Make your room glow with lustre and shine with our glass globe pendant light with in-built LED! Featuring tinted glass detail, intricate wiring that replicates serial LED decor and base of iron with chrome finish, you'll love the modern and trendy design of this ceiling fixture! Product Dimensions: D220 x H1200 adjustable (mm); globe height - 350 mm..

White Metal Swirl Glass Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Elegant and sophisticated, this classic metal and glass pendant light fixture will suit any traditional or contemporary décor. With its globe-shaped light, modern metal swirl design and cool white finish, this beautiful pendant will make an eye-catching focal point in a Scandi-chic, minimalist or floral interior scheme. Product Dimensions: D330 x H1100 adjustable (mm); metal swirl frame height- 235 mm..

Wine Red Crystal and Glass Large Pendant Light

Create a romantic atmosphere in any space with our wine red large pendant light! With an ornamental and sparkling look, this lovely large pendant light features several dangling crystal pendants in clear and deep wine red, enclosed in a cylindrical clear glass globe, and a base of steel with chrome finish. Product Dimensions: D400 x H1000 (mm); shade height - 250 mm..