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Designer lighting is one of the finest options to add class and style to your interiors. And shopping online within Australia from our trendy lights, you can be assured to stand out in the crowd when it comes to taking pride of your interior setting be Read More...
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3D Glass Copper Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Designed to look trendy and stylish, this light quite easily catches everyone’s attention. Thanks to the unconventional colour scheme which is inspired by the beautiful 3D pattern, it blends in with almost every style and setting. What’s more? A cool combination of style and utility! The beautiful halo of random impressions on the glass lampshades with copper finish bring the amazing design to life when lit up. The artistic inclusion in the form of a painted glass sphere shade also gives this li..

Acrylic Rings Large Pendant Light with In-built LED

Bring a mystical note to your home, with this impressive large pendant. It consists of two rings that are tied together in a way that creates the impression of movement. Arrange the rings however you like! You could have them in a criss-cross pattern or as concentric circles or create your own unique design! This pendant will bring fantastic light to the space, enhancing the ambiance with cool light from energy efficient in-built LEDs. Product Dimensions: D580 x H1000 adjustable (mm)..

Acrylic Twelve Panel Light with In-built LED and Brightness and Colour Temperature Adjustment through Remote Control

Flower power takes on a whole new meaning with our trendy Flower Power acrylic close-to-ceiling light! This modern fixture features a tiered design of six triangular "petals", repeated with six smaller triangles on the second tier. Finished in a matte frosted acrylic, this lovely floral fixture will add a lovely glow to any space. Product Dimensions: D840 x H150 (mm)..

Aircraft Kids Pendant Light / Children's Ceiling Light

Blast off to fun with this unique lamp for children's rooms! Guaranteed to enliven young imaginations, this whimsical light fixture provides all the illumination of a high-quality ceiling lamp but is made to look like an aircraft toy. The light is crafted out of metal and glass and features cheerful colors of blue, yellow and red. When switched on, the aircraft’s nose and two small engines light up brightly, making it glow. Adorable when hang, the ceiling light adds fun to spaces while providing..

Artistic 3D Glass Mini Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Bring a rainbow of colours to your residence or commercial space with this unique pendant light. Made from three-dimensional glass, the globe has an attractive shape that tapers along its length, making it different from conventional globe-style pendants that are often used in modern interior design. When you turn on the light, the lamp illuminates the glass and throws multi-coloured patterns along its surface. The effect is simply stunning and truly delightful to the eye. Product Dimensions: D..

Attractive Red Geometric Patterned Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

This cluster pendant light offers a very trendy and colourful lighting option for a modern interior setting. Made from steel with an attractive red finish and sure to complement many styles of décor, this pendant light adds a charming and fun look for a chic home decor.Product Dimensions: D350 x H1200 adjustable (mm); Shade height - 420 mm..

Attractive Structure Mini Glass Pendant Light with LED Bulb

This gorgeous mini glass pendant light is sure to brighten up your day! Structurally stunning and attractive, the shade beautifully reflects light making the ceiling light appear to sparkle. This dazzling mini pendant may be hung alone or in multiples for a truly unique and elegant display. Product Dimensions: D130 x H1250 adjustable (mm); shade height- 250 mm..

Beach Shack Feel Cluster Light

Presenting a natural touch while reflecting a great beach holiday mood, this cluster light is sure to uplift the room and give it a comforting feel. Shaped to reflect the natural movement of vines, this lamp gives an illusion of freer space and larger light coverage. A free wheeling bohemian character graces its design. Product Dimensions: D400 x H220 (mm)..

Black Glass Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

You can now add a personal touch to your space, with this spectacular black light, which is ready to bring its original design and splendid appearance to your home or office. Featuring an interesting shape, this pendant light is going to attract all the views on it. Graceful to the black metal and glass coating, this large pendant is going to become an elegant addition to your space. The light that spreads through this metal light creates a sublime ambiance, filling the room with a romantic and ..

Butterfly Crystal Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Decorate your home with this cluster pendant light chandelier and enjoy the look of this crystal piece hanging from your ceiling. Shaped in the form of butterfly and fitted with tiny bulbs, this chandelier will display gorgeous polishing effect to impart a dreamlike atmosphere. It is attached to the ceiling with the help of a steel fixture with chrome finish and suspended with a thin cord. Get your room shine and sparkle with this dazzling pendant. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1200 adjustable (m..

Canopy Mushroom Cluster Pendant Light with In-built LED

A classic colour combination comes to life in the design of this modern chic lighting fixture. This aluminium cluster light includes three matching pendants suspended from a single round canopy. Hung at different heights, the pendants form three tiers, guiding the eye downward into the room. The disc-shaped pendants have built-in LEDs that provide ample illumination while conserving energy compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs. LEDs also give off less heat than conventional lighting, making..

Canopy Shaped Crystal Hanging Light with In-built LED

Our ultra-modern crystal and chrome hanging light features four in-built LED light sources that create a dazzling light in any space. The large white aluminium canopy includes 10 small canopies with in-built LED hung from different drop lengths, bringing a bit of modern flair into your home. Each canopy is connected to a set of sparkling crystals all hanging from the main canopy above. With in-built LED panels radiating bright light, you will set the trend among friends with this aesthetically ..

Circular Hemp Ropes and Iron Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

With a quirky industrial look and a nod to vintage salvage chic, this eye-catching cluster pendant light fitting has a raw, unfinished style making it suitable for any nautical, coastal, heritage or warehouse-inspired interior scheme. Featuring an iron pendant with knotted hemp rope design, this contemporary ceiling light utilises natural materials for a trendy reclaimed appearance. Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 300 mm..

Colourful Geometric Design Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

You might expect to see our ultra modern geometric pendant light inside an art gallery, but now you can add artistic and modern beauty to any space! Featuring geometric shapes of red, yellow and black, this stunning ceiling light will be the centre of attention at any gathering! Product Dimensions: D470 x H1100 adjustable (mm); shade height- 200 mm..

Colourful Shades Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

Bring home colour, joy and brightness and make a unique style statement by fitting our cluster pendant light on the ceiling. It is made from high quality iron and aluminium and is shaped in the form of cascading pelmets hanging from the base with a thin rope. Its sleek and stylish design will add colourful shades to the light source and will give your home a stunningly fashionable and nuanced look. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1000 adjustable (mm); shade height - 200 mm..

Concentric Crystal Rings Hanging Light with In-built LED

Are you ready to bring more brilliancy into your home? Then this beautiful hanging pendant light is exactly what you need. The concentric rings made of crystal and steel with chrome finish will give your home a shiny and modern look. Add a radiant shine to your home with our visually admirable design that comes with energy efficient in-built LED lights. Product Dimensions: D400 x H900 adjustable (mm); height of three rings - 500 mm..

Crystal and Glass Floral Ceiling Light with In-built LED, Remote and Bulbs

Create the perfect cozy atmosphere with this whimsical crystal and glass floral ceiling light! This eccentric close to ceiling light utilizes seven bulbs in combination with LEDs that work together to create a soft, romantic glow. This beautiful fixture features a lovely floral design composed of seven glass flower-shaped shades, chrome branches and leaves accented with crystals. Product Dimensions: D760 x H160 (mm)..

Crystal Floral Petals Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built LED and Remote

Featuring a beautiful design, it is ready to spread a beautiful light, whilst embellishing your home’s appearance. Crafted with style, this crystal and glass lamp creates the image of a flower, and it will attract all the views with its beauty and glitter. The in-built LED lights reflect red, blue and purple colours generating a magical effect which is a splendour to watch.What's more? This close-to-ceiling light comes with remote control, so control it from the comfort of your couch! Relax and..

Crystal Flower Mini Glass Pendant Light with In-built LED

Impress and amaze your friends and acquaintances with this mini pendant light crystal & glass pendant. The cylindrical shaped glass with pretty flower designs in the interior will add character and class to your kitchen or dining room. The noble and unconventional design is sure to enhance the beauty and appeal of your home decor. The light comes with in-built LED giving this mini pendant a modern touch!Product Dimensions: D110 x H1200 adjustable (mm); shade height - 270 mm ..

Crystal Wine Glass Mini Pendant Light with Bulb

Simple, yet oh so elegant, this mini pendant light can be used as an accent light or in groups as a primary source of lighting in your home or commercial space. Produced from the finest of materials, this versatile pendant light features a stunning chromed iron mounting plate that is tapered and polished to a brilliant shine. The globe shade is crafted out of perfectly clear glass, allowing you to look through and see the strings of disc-shaped faceted crystals that dangle inside. When the lamp..