Colorful Lights For Kids Room

Kids Room
There's a lot of work that can go into properly decorating a kids room, and one of the often overlooked decoration ideas is the lighting. That's about to be fixed, however, when you take a look online through what we can offer for the child who needs Read More...
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Aircraft Kids Pendant Light / Children's Ceiling Light

Blast off to fun with this unique lamp for children's rooms! Guaranteed to enliven young imaginations, this whimsical light fixture provides all the illumination of a high-quality ceiling lamp but is made to look like an aircraft toy. The light is crafted out of metal and glass and features cheerful colors of blue, yellow and red. When switched on, the aircraft’s nose and two small engines light up brightly, making it glow. Adorable when hang, the ceiling light adds fun to spaces while providing..

Colourful Geometric Design Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

You might expect to see our ultra modern geometric pendant light inside an art gallery, but now you can add artistic and modern beauty to any space! Featuring geometric shapes of red, yellow and black, this stunning ceiling light will be the centre of attention at any gathering! Product Dimensions: D470 x H1100 adjustable (mm); shade height- 200 mm..

Colourful Shades Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

Bring home colour, joy and brightness and make a unique style statement by fitting our cluster pendant light on the ceiling. It is made from high quality iron and aluminium and is shaped in the form of cascading pelmets hanging from the base with a thin rope. Its sleek and stylish design will add colourful shades to the light source and will give your home a stunningly fashionable and nuanced look. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1000 adjustable (mm); shade height - 200 mm..

Modern Desk Lamp with In-built LED, Colour Temperature Control, USB and NFC Mobile Charging

Get yourself this modern desk lamp packed with features! More is meant than meets the eye is true for this desk lamp. Apart from the sleek and elegant look, it comes with in-built LED that is energy efficient and friendly to the eye. The temperature control function comes in handy when it comes to setting the right mood at anytime. What's more? The lamp has NFC charging capability that allows you to charge your mobile device from the comfort of your desk without the need for any cables. Note: Th..

Nautical Sail Ship Kids Ceiling Light / Children's Pendant

Sail away on an ocean of dreams with this nautical inspired light. The white ship with blue sails floats above a room, inspiring imaginations of pirate ships and sailing the seven seas. A white dome forms the base of the ship. The ship’s mast has blue sails and the base for three light bulbs. This is a perfect addition for nautical, pirate or ocean themed rooms. Product Dimensions: L600 x W450 x H1000 adjustable (mm); Ship height - 500 mm..

Rainbow Colour Balls Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Are you ready to bring light and colour to your place to make it more appealing for you and your guests? If yes, then this light is the right choice for you. Featuring shiny balls of glass in rainbow colours, this pendant light will add a personal touch of entertainment and playful ambience. With its vibrant multi-coloured balls, this cluster pendant will be the centre of attraction in any room.Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 adjustable (mm) ..