Industrial Vintage Pendant Lights

You will be surprised to hear OLD is the new NEW. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? History repeats itself. Be it a mall, café, restaurant, office space, any commercial place or even recently renovated kitchen, dining or walkway spaces in homes, Read More...
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Black Glass Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

You can now add a personal touch to your space, with this spectacular black light, which is ready to bring its original design and splendid appearance to your home or office. Featuring an interesting shape, this pendant light is going to attract all the views on it. Graceful to the black metal and glass coating, this large pendant is going to become an elegant addition to your space. The light that spreads through this metal light creates a sublime ambiance, filling the room with a romantic and ..

Circular Hemp Ropes and Iron Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

With a quirky industrial look and a nod to vintage salvage chic, this eye-catching cluster pendant light fitting has a raw, unfinished style making it suitable for any nautical, coastal, heritage or warehouse-inspired interior scheme. Featuring an iron pendant with knotted hemp rope design, this contemporary ceiling light utilises natural materials for a trendy reclaimed appearance. Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 300 mm..

Evergreen Hurricanes Industrial Cluster Light with Bulbs

If you are looking for the perfect light to go back to the olden days and get your room a vintage appearance, then this cluster light is exactly what you need. Its beautifully crafted iron arm opens in five thin arms, all of which hold a lamp inspired by the most popular vintage hurricane lamps of the olden days bringing back those evergreen memories. Grab this to give your room an innovative retro feel! Product Dimensions: D700 x H1350 adjustable (mm); hurricane lamp height- 600 mm..

Fan Like Cluster Light with LED Filament bulbs

Enhance the modern look of your interior with this industrial chic cluster light, which is guaranteed to put a unique finishing touch on your home decor or commercial space. Constructed out of iron, the cluster light has a matte black finish for an Old World wrought iron-style look. At the bottom of the pendant light six exposed pear shaped bulbs are positioned and jut out in all directions to provide 360 degrees of illumination. In keeping with the minimalist mod aesthetic, the light features a..

Hemp Rope Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Grab a book and snuggle up under the glow of this unique industrial styled pendant light! Simply adjust the knot or add additional knots to customize and adjust the length and style of this hemp rope cluster light fixture. The simplicity and neutral colour ensure that this trendy ceiling light will fit any decor from nautical or beachy to country western and everything in between! Product Dimensions: D35 x H1000 adjustable (mm) - 2.5 m long rope..

Hemp Rope Ring Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament bulbs

Looking for the perfect lighting fixture for your home? Our iron cluster pendant light may be just what you need. With a look that is fun and trendy, this light can be used in many rooms in your home and can even be used in in businesses to create a new atmosphere. Product Dimensions: D650 x H1100 adjustable (mm); bottom height - 540 mm..

Industrial Copper Dome Large Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

The high-shine copper and glass finish of this contemporary oversized pendant light will add a chic luxe element to an organic industrial or coastal scheme. Taking its cue from vintage salvage style and enhancing it with modern detail, this copper dome pendant ceiling light has a look reminiscent of a sailor's lantern, making it suitable for any nautical or warehouse-inspired interior setting. Product Dimensions: D230 x H1400 adjustable (mm); shade height - 200 mm..

Industrial Pulley Large Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Unique and chic, this pendant light will illuminate your space like a well-oiled machine. Inspired by the look of factory equipment from days gone by, this trendy industrial light fixture never fails to catch the eye but has a rustic look that works perfectly in contemporary spaces. Light is provided by three exposed filament bulbs placed under a iron dome shade with black finish. The shade is suspended by an elaborate system that includes two pulleys accented by large iron ball weights. A true ..

Industrial Six Wheel Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Our industrial six wheel cluster pendant light is sure to add a vintage feel to your environment! Featuring six wheel shaped iron rings in an antiqued rust colour finish, this trendy row pendant fixture will completely transform any room by adding a rustic touch. Product Dimensions: L1050 x W620 x H1230 (mm)..

Iron Framed Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

If you prefer a functional look over a fancy and decorative one, then you are going to like our cluster light steel chandelier for sure. Elegantly designed in the shape of square frames, it has traditional bulb holders attached to it. Steel with black finish gives a classic charm and style to this decorative lighting fixture. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 420 mm..

Iron Pyramid Mini Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

Complete your decor with a pendant light that is part Old World and part modern! With its black powder coated finish on iron, this handsome light fixture reflects the European tradition of creating light fixtures out of durable wrought iron, yet its simple, minimalistic shape is perfectly in line with contemporary industrial design trends. Whether you hang it alone, in pairs or in a line of three or more, this triangular light will give your space a rustic chic finishing touch. The fixture has a..

Iron Ring Industrial Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Achieving a trendy ambiance in your place is now easier with this cluster pendant that brings a medieval touch into your life. With an intrepid and simple style, it is perfect for the widespread and popular industrial theme. Featuring a bold iron band, in the shape of a circle, this pendant light is adorned with multiple light bulbs that seem to come out of the circle surrounding it. The arms of this lamp expand and each of them finishes with a shining light bulb. Product Dimensions: D900 x H..

Metal Cube Mini Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

Perfectly suited to a modern industrial or warehouse-inspired outline, this trendy metal pendant light combines utilitarian functionality with a raw, unfinished beauty. The stark geometric shape of this mini pendant light fitting contrasts smartly with its earthy, vintage qualities and will enhance any neutral-toned loft apartment-style interior arrangement. Product Dimensions: D210 x H1200 (mm); frame height - 300 mm..

Retro Iron Pulley Row Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Illuminate your home or office space with our trendy row pendant light. The unique practical design makes the pendant extra special. The height of the lamp can be adjusted using the pulley like mechanism which is an added bonus combining functionality and trend. Enhance the beauty and charm of the overall decor of your room with this trendy and functional lighting idea. Product Dimensions: L1100 x W230 x H1500 adjustable (mm)..

Rustic Hemp Rope Wall Lamp with LED Filament Bulbs

Put a rustic chic finishing touch on the look of any room with this industrial wall sconce. A matte black finish on iron gives the light the look of an antique, and a pair of teardrop bulbs adds to that effect handsomely. The lights are positioned on rings that are threaded along a heavy-duty braided hemp rope. Two iron rods with hooks form sharp diagonals as they travel from the round mounting plate to rings on each light. The ends of the rope have matching iron caps to finish the design. Prod..

Sputnik Cluster Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Our Sputnik retractable light is out of this world! Available in black, this 12 bulb pendant light will brighten up your space, spark conversation, and receive many compliments thanks to its unique, spider style legs. Industrial and modern in style, this iron Sputnik lamp matches any décor! Product Dimensions: D800 x H1000 adjustable (mm); frame height - 400 mm..

Starry Iron and Rope Mini Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

Sometimes, simplicity is more sophisticated and special than anything, and this mini pendant light is the perfect proof for this statement. Hanging from the ceiling, this simple light bulb is attached to a star-shaped iron piece, which creates a chic look of this lamp. Thanks to the creativity of its design, this lamp is ready to spread the necessary amount of brightness into the room, bringing light and modernity inside any place. Featuring a simple and bold design, this lamp is a nice addition..

Transparent Industrial Mini Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulb

If you wish to create a vintage appeal in your space, then this mini pendant light is exactly what you need. It features a simple design, that allows the beam to be spread all over the room, creating a luminescent space in its surrounding area. This pendant light features a transparent lampshade, which only covers half of the light bulb, hence creating a magnificent appeal to this lamp. The lampshade looks wonderful resembling a large ball skirt. Product Dimensions: D200 x H1100 adjustable (mm)..

Water Pipe Row Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

The raw industrial styling of this eye-catching suspended row pendant light fitting is the perfect choice for any unpolished, rough-hewn warehouse-inspired interior theme. Contemporary and striking water pipe design, with a nod to earthy vintage appearance, the stark unfinished look of this modern multiple pendant lighting will take a practical yet artistic stance! Product Dimensions: L630 x W60 x H1350 adjustable(mm); pipe height – 180 mm..