Buying Tips

Want to upgrade your home with an aesthetically superior light fixture with its own unique character and not sure where to start? We are glad to share some tips that might assist you in your shopping.


Gone are the days when lighting was seen as an item of utility value. Light fixtures are now considered more as home décors. Needless to say, current trends in lighting provide endless opportunities to transform your interior setting! They offer a face-lift to the ambience and mood of your room.

The interior decor at your place is a reflection of your artistic taste. The light fixture once installed, stays in the room for a while until you decide to revamp. So, it is important to choose something that you really love and admire...


Step 1 - Choose your location

Identify the room(s) and exact spots where you want your new light fixture to be placed. High ceiling entrance, walkway, living, staircase, dining and kitchen island are hotspots! They are quite noticeable and sure to attract attention.


Step 2 – Decide your theme

There are enormous styles and designs of lighting available in the market. Choose a style that will gel well with the colour, material, shape, size and structure of other props in your interior setting such as furniture, wall paintings, rugs, artistic décors, etc. This also enables you to narrow down your search and focus on what you really like.

Click on ‘Browse by Style’ on the homepage of our website for some ideas and inspiration.


Step 3 – Measure

The next step is to frame a good idea of the dimensions for your light fixture. You can do this by getting your friend or partner to hold a measuring tape in the spot where the light would be installed and viewing it from a distance to make sure it is proportional and will fit well in the room. Make a note of the unit i.e. cm or mm. If you like to hang multiple lights in a row for example, make a note of this too.


Step 4 – Shortlist your items

You can browse for products in three different ways – By TYPE, By STYLE or By ROOM. Spend some time browsing through the various sub categories. Here are some hints:

  • Industrial style is currently the most popular
  • In-built LED style lights come with LED driver and light source. There is no need to purchase bulbs. They are energy efficient and considered to be next generation lighting
  • Trendy style has a collection of latest designs that are currently popular world-wide
  • Hanging Lights are usually taller with a long drop and ideal for high ceilings and staircases
  • Mini Pendants look great when hung in multiples.
  • Row Pendants are ideal for a rectangular theme in areas like kitchen island, dining, living, walkway or commercial space.

We suggest that you add items to compare or wishlist as and when you come across something that you like.


Step 5 – Finalise your order

Read through the specification of the shortlisted items in detail. Pay extra attention to the following:

  • Special features - Some light fixtures come with special features such as in-built LED, inclusion of bulbs, inclusion of LED filament bulbs in the case of industrial lights, adjustable height, gold plating, etc.
  • Product dimensions - The dimensions are specified either in Length (L), Width (W) and Height (H) or Diameter (D) and Height (H). Use a measuring tape to visualise the dimensions. The height of the lampshade or frame (where applicable) is also mentioned separately so you have a better idea. Wall lamps are specified in Width (W), Depth (D) and Height (H). All measurements are in mm.
  • Light source - Certain lights come with in-built LED. They are contemporary, energy efficient and do not require bulbs. Others require bulbs. Check if the bulbs are offered complimentatry. In the case of E14 and E27 bulbs, we recommend LED bulbs as they are far superior compared to traditional bulbs.
  • Installation - Installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician.
  • Assembly - Some products come pre-assembled and do not require any assembly work. Others (especially the ones with plenty of crystals) may require simple self-assembly pre or post installation. Clear instructions in simple english are provided along with the product.

Select the ones that closely match your requirements.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding any products, contact us at We will try and respond to your queries immediately.


Bonus – Take advantage!

If you have patiently read through all the steps above, here is the interesting part. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special offers introduced from time to time.

Currently, the following offers are available. They can be used in conjunction allowing you to maximise your savings!

  • Current Specials – View our specials and shop products with massive discounts!
  • Complimentary Bulbs – The light fixtures require bulbs unless they come with in-built LED. We are running a current promotion whereby the required bulbs are provided free of charge with the purchase of a light fixture. Please refer to the ‘Light source’ within ‘Specification’ tab on the product page for participating products.
  • Free Shipping – We offer free shipping to most metro and regional areas in Australia. We offer discounted shipping to all other areas in Australia. Enter your postcode on the Shipping Calculator below the 'Add to cart' button for estimate on shipping cost. Purchase more than one item for additional discounts on shipping!
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Happy shopping!!!