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Acrylic Twelve Panel Light with In-built LED and Colour Temperature Adjustment

Flower power takes on a whole new meaning with our trendy Flower Power acrylic close-to-ceiling light! This modern fixture features a tiered design of six triangular "petals", repeated with six smaller triangles on the second tier. Finished in a matte frosted acrylic, this lovely floral fixture will add a lovely glow to any space. Product Dimensions: D840 x H150 (mm)..

$1,859.00 $1,115.40 Ex Tax: $1,115.40

Butterfly Crystal Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Decorate your home with this cluster pendant light chandelier and enjoy the look of this crystal piece hanging from your ceiling. Shaped in the form of butterfly and fitted with tiny bulbs, this chandelier will display gorgeous polishing effect to impart a dreamlike atmosphere. It is attached to the ceiling with the help of a steel fixture with chrome finish and suspended with a thin cord. Get your room shine and sparkle with this dazzling pendant. Product Dimensions: D500 x H1200 adjustable (m..

$849.00 $594.30 Ex Tax: $594.30

Crystal Planets in Universe Hanging Light Chandelier

This sophisticated, modern and elegant hanging light is beautifully crafted to attract attention with its innovative design. Featuring nine bright light sources, it will spread abundant light in the vicinity, offering a spectacular view. Very slim steel ropes hang from the light, which are adorned with tiny crystal pieces offering a sublime appearance. At their ends, these ropes are embellished with large rounded tiers of crystals that form three large balls, surrounded by an oval of crystals. ..

$2,249.00 $1,124.50 Ex Tax: $1,124.50

Elegant Silk Fabric Finish Semi-Flush Close-to-Ceiling Light with LED Bulbs

Classically beautiful with stunning silk fabric panel detail, this elegant close-to-ceiling light fitting will complement all kinds of interiors, from traditionally refined grandeur to sleek and chic minimalism. The striking circular design and chrome finish evoke a coolly stylish feel, providing a polished and attractive focal point.Product Dimensions: D500 x H260 mm ..

$189.00 $141.75 Ex Tax: $141.75

Flowery Crystal and Glass Close-to-ceiling Light with In-built Multi-colour LED

With its classical styling and ornate glass detail, this elegant close-to-ceiling light fitting makes for a refined addition to a traditional, floral or baroque scheme. The intricate patterning on this tasteful crystal light fixture gives it a subtle touch of glamour, whilst the practical circular semi-flush design has a timelessly alluring quality. Product Dimensions: D600 x H280 (mm)..

$779.00 $389.50 Ex Tax: $389.50

Funky Globe in a Glass Sphere Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Less is more with this contemporary styled mini pendant ceiling light. Featuring a metal base finished in shiny chrome detail, this clear glass globe pendant is sure to light up your world! This simple single bulb fixture looks great on its own or hung in multiples to create a unique and modern look throughout your home.Product Dimensions: D250 x H650 mm; Sphere diameter - 330 mm..

$199.00 $149.25 Ex Tax: $149.25

Honeycomb Patterned Large Pendant Light with LED Bulb

Featuring a large bowl that encloses the light globe, this large pendant features geometric cuts that create a wonderful honeycomb appearance and allow light to spread into the entire room. Thanks to its geometric pattern and state-of-the-art design, this lamp is an excellent choice for any modern home. Add a tinge of elegance and trend to your room with this large pendant light.Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 adjustable (mm); Shade height - 320 mm..

$149.00 $111.75 Ex Tax: $111.75

Industrial Six Wheel Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Our industrial six wheel cluster pendant light is sure to add a vintage feel to your environment! Featuring six wheel shaped iron rings in an antiqued rust colour finish, this trendy row pendant fixture will completely transform any room by adding a rustic touch. Product Dimensions: L1050 x W620 x H1230 (mm)..

$719.00 $503.30 Ex Tax: $503.30

Modern Desk Lamp with In-built LED, Colour Temperature Control, USB and NFC Mobile Charging

Get yourself this modern desk lamp packed with features! More is meant than meets the eye is true for this desk lamp. Apart from the sleek and elegant look, it comes with in-built LED that is energy efficient and friendly to the eye. The temperature control function comes in handy when it comes to setting the right mood at anytime. What's more? The lamp has NFC charging capability that allows you to charge your mobile device from the comfort of your desk without the need for any cables. Note: Th..

$199.00 $119.40 Ex Tax: $119.40

Multi Swirl Glass and Crystal Ceiling Light with In-built LED, Remote and Bulbs

The stunning multiple swirl detail on this close-to-ceiling light with in-built LEDs lends itself to a cool and contemporary scheme. Featuring an attractive and modern circular shape, this effortlessly stylish light fitting is suggestive of chic cosmopolitan interior trends, and will make a striking feature in any sophisticated home. The in-built LED lights reflect red, blue and purple colours generating a magical effect which is a splendour to watch. What's more? This close-to-ceiling light com..

$1,299.00 $649.50 Ex Tax: $649.50

Rainbow Colour Balls Cluster Pendant Light with Bulbs

Are you ready to bring light and colour to your place to make it more appealing for you and your guests? If yes, then this light is the right choice for you. Featuring shiny balls of glass in rainbow colours, this pendant light will add a personal touch of entertainment and playful ambience. With its vibrant multi-coloured balls, this cluster pendant will be the centre of attraction in any room.Product Dimensions: D300 x H1200 adjustable (mm) ..

$599.00 $299.50 Ex Tax: $299.50

Retro Iron Pulley Row Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Illuminate your home or office space with our trendy row pendant light. The unique practical design makes the pendant extra special. The height of the lamp can be adjusted using the pulley like mechanism which is an added bonus combining functionality and trend. Enhance the beauty and charm of the overall decor of your room with this trendy and functional lighting idea. Product Dimensions: L1100 x W230 x H1500 adjustable (mm)..

$950.00 $475.00 Ex Tax: $475.00

U Shaped Crystal Hanging Light with In-built LED

Our ultra-modern crystal and chrome hanging light features four in-built LED light sources that create a dazzling light in any space. The rectangular base includes eight U-shaped chromed steel pendants with in-built LED hung from different drop lengths, bringing a bit of modern flair into your home. With in-built LED panels radiating bright light, you will set the trend among friends with this aesthetically charming and innovative hanging fixture. Product Dimensions: L600 x W400 x H1000 adjust..

$1,179.00 $707.40 Ex Tax: $707.40

Wine glasses on a Ring Cluster Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

With its three arms, this cluster pendant light will offer the necessary amount of light that you need, whilst also adding a modern touch to the room. It's three metal hanging arms are adorned with a piece that features the shape of a wine glass that is turned upside down. These three arms are tied together with a thin circle, adding more elegance to this lamp. Product Dimensions: D400 x H1000 adjustable (mm); wine glass height - 250 mm..

$379.00 $227.40 Ex Tax: $227.40