Trendy Row Pendant Lights

Row Pendant Lights
Getting the right lighting into any room can be a challenge at the best of times. With the help of our excellent row pendant lights, though, you might just find it a whole lot simpler to make your home shine as it should. Read More...
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Five Spotlights Row Pendant with In-built LED

Stylish and practical with a cool contemporary feel, this five light row pendant light fixture will become the hero piece in your modern or classic interior scheme. With in-built LED spotlights and light-refracting glass, this row pendant ceiling light makes ideal task lighting. The trend-aware industrial chrome finish, clean lines, and stark simplicity make this multiple hanging pendant light the perfect choice to lift your décor. The in-built LEDs are energy efficient and provide a trendy loo..

Industrial Six Wheel Cluster Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Our industrial six wheel cluster pendant light is sure to add a vintage feel to your environment! Featuring six wheel shaped iron rings in an antiqued rust colour finish, this trendy row pendant fixture will completely transform any room by adding a rustic touch. Product Dimensions: L1050 x W620 x H1230 (mm)..

Metal and Glass Row Pendant Light with LED Bulbs

Supremely simple yet strikingly beautiful, this modern triple pendant light features stylish clean lines and three globe-shaped pendants. Well-suited to any minimalist or Scandi chic interior scheme, this row pendant light fitting is the perfect way to bring a cool and contemporary artistic element to your decor. Product Dimensions: L620 x W240 x H1000 adjustable (mm); frame height – 180 mm..

Retro Iron Pulley Row Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

Illuminate your home or office space with our trendy row pendant light. The unique practical design makes the pendant extra special. The height of the lamp can be adjusted using the pulley like mechanism which is an added bonus combining functionality and trend. Enhance the beauty and charm of the overall decor of your room with this trendy and functional lighting idea. Product Dimensions: L1100 x W230 x H1500 adjustable (mm)..

Shiny Stars Row Pendant Light with In-built LED

Are you ready to bring more brilliancy into your home? Then this beautiful row pendant light is exactly what you need. Its three crystal star shaped lights hang from the ceiling, creating a wonderful image reminiscent of stars falling from the night’s sky. The three stars are displayed in a stair-inspired order, to create an exquisite atmosphere with its distinct look. The in-built LED light sources make this pendant light trendy and energy-efficient. Product Dimensions: L350 x W130 x H1100 a..

Silhouette Effect Triple Lampshade Row Pendant Light

The on-trend triple pendant design of this stylish row pendant light fitting would complement any traditional or modern decor. The classic shape of the pendant shades lends an air of subtle drama, whilst the attractive criss-cross silhouette pattern is ideal for enhancing a warm rustic woodland-inspired interior setting. Product Dimensions: L700 x W160 x H1070 adjustable (mm); shade height - 150 mm..

Six Tinted Glass Shades Row Pendant with LED Bulbs

The modern polished style of this chic row pendant light fixture will add a sleek touch to your decor. The multiple on-trend globe pendants with a glossy finish are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, providing a stylish and striking focal point in an otherwise neutral room. Product Dimensions: L600 x W280 x H800 adjustable (mm)..

Water Pipe Row Pendant Light with LED Filament Bulbs

The raw industrial styling of this eye-catching suspended row pendant light fitting is the perfect choice for any unpolished, rough-hewn warehouse-inspired interior theme. Contemporary and striking water pipe design, with a nod to earthy vintage appearance, the stark unfinished look of this modern multiple pendant lighting will take a practical yet artistic stance! Product Dimensions: L630 x W60 x H1350 adjustable(mm); pipe height – 180 mm..